If you are seeing this it means we have approved your application and would like to verify your level of interest before proceeding with your Interview Session.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a hard cap on seats due to the hands-on nature of the training and mentorship and once all available seats are filled, we will close enrollment until fall of 2022 at the earliest.

In order to preserve the quality and effectiveness of the program, we only accept a limited number of new certification students every year, selected based on those we feel are:

1) Ready to start now (if everyone feels it is a good fit, of course 😉 ).
2) Serious about becoming REAL experts in the areas of Functional Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine.
3) Have a strong desire to grow their practice OR, if practice growth is not the goal, to learn and implement systems that make practice more fun and efficient.
4) Able to commit to attending the live training sessions (dates and times below).
5) Able to attend at least ONE Clinical Rounds every month AND…
6) Committed to submitting a minimum of TWO cases annually for review during Clinical Rounds, and attending those review sessions live to discuss your cases.

You’ve already filled out the application and booked your Interview – this is a 15-20 minute interview where we can go a little deeper and explain the details of the program to you and answer any questions you may have.

Again, slots are limited so to ensure we are speaking to seriously interested candidates only, we would like to verify your level of interest at this time.

ONCE YOU ENROLL and OFFICIALLY BECOME A STUDENT IN THE PROGRAM, you will essentially have a team of expert clinical mentors available to you 24/7, 365 (including Chris and his top students) AND be part of our highly motivated and unconditonally supportive student community (which is second-to-none in the industry) where you will receive the following benefits:

  • Over 70 hours (including CEU/PDA) of  top-notch training in Functional Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine with perpetual access to the recordings of each LIVE training so you can go back and review at any time.
  • 24/7 support from Chris and his advanced student mentors to help you with real-world application of the course material in your clinic. ANY questions or support you need, during this time, Chris and the community will provide it to you.
  • An in-depth CLINICAL ROUNDS video conference with Chris where you will watch him meticulously break down real cases from the clinics of students, including yours. These sessions are themselves worth the entire investment in the program, as you shall soon see. They are also recorded so you can go back and watch any cases at any time.
  • Unlimited access to previous CLINICAL ROUNDS sessions going back to 2017. You will be able to go back and see Chris explain his rationale on cases ranging from hypothyroid to unexplained urticaria, all types of infertillity, migraines, endometriosis, PCOS, hot flashes, IBS, you name it. This is where you get to see how versatile this system truly is in addressing root cause in even the most tricky cases.
  • Access to some outrageously cool BONUS content to inject inspiration, motivation, and (most importantly) concrete action into your personal and professional growth. Exact bonuses are listed below for your review.

On top of this there are a couple of special features we ONLY discuss with people who are serious candidates for membership. These features include in-person training and other unique aspects not offered anywhere else in our industry.

Carefully review the dates and times of each training module below.

  1. We cannot make exceptions if you are not able to attend, due to regulatory requirements of the entities that issue CEU/PDA.
  2. We cannot guarantee these courses will ever be taught in this format again, so missing a class means we may not be able to get you equivalent instruction or CEU/PDA.

Also please make note of our cancellation policy. No exceptions can be made to this policy:

  1. You may request a a full refund, minus a $500 processing fee (people get paid to work for this company and they will have already done work to get things set up for you) as long as you do so prior to the start of the first class.
  2. Cancellations before the full curriculum is completed will be refunded at a pro-rated amount based on the total fee / remaining CEU hours. Total fee = the total of either the single payment or the sum of payments on your payment plan.
  3. Once you have started a module, you are no longer eligible for a refund on that module, and the CEU/PDA hours will not be counted in the pro-rated refund amount.

Curriculum and Dates

Note that all instruction will be done via ZOOM or similar video conference system. All students are required to attend live during the actual training in order to receive both CEU/PDA units and the certification in 5-Element Functional Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine. Also we typically take a 15 minute break every 90 minutes or so plus a one hour lunch. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate special circumstances for those unable to attend live on certain days. This is because of rules and regulations related to the PDA/CEU granting bodies.

Any  CEU/PDA listed below are approved by the following regulatory boards:

NCCAOM | California Acupuncture Board | Florida Acupuncture Board

If you would like us to apply for approval with YOUR governing or regulatory board, we’re happy to do so, however we cannot guarantee we will be approved in time to issue your CEU/PDA or even at all. However, just let us know and we will look into it and, if feasible, apply for the provider status.


Sat Feb 19th – Mon Feb 21st 2022 – 8am – 5pm


5EFM Core Foundations I&II

Fundamental Concepts of 5-Element Functional Medicine (5EFM)

    • Cycles, Directional Flow, and Relational Dynamics
    • Unified Origin
    • Source Wisdom
    • The Biological Need For Completion
    • Surplus Energy and Regenerative Capacity

5EFM Physiology / Bio-Spiritual Cosmology

    • The Singularity
    • Signal Origination and Dissemination
    • Archetypal Epigenetics
    • Holographic Resonance
    • Healing Intelligence

5EFM Etiology / Origination of Disease

    • Spiritual / Emotional / Physical Origins Of Adaptive Patterning
    • Karmic Entanglements
    • Core Signal Interference

5EFM Pathomechanisms and Disease Progression 

    • Relational Interference
    • Vicious Cycle Emergence
    • Attachment And Resistance
    • Ancestral Influences

5EFM Therapeutic Model and Process 

    • Core Signal Amplificiation via Nutrition
    • Innate Process Modulation via Touch / Sensory Layer
    • Entrainment / Reflective Resonance via Practitioner Language & Presence
    • Self-Discovery And Emergence via Breathing / Visualization

5EFM Essential Practitioner Self-Cultivation Rituals And Practices

    • Embryonic Breath and The Deep Stillness
    • Inner Space Inner Peace
    • Dream-State Awareness
    • Avoiding Karmic Entanglements / Setting Healthy Boundaries
    • Stealth Shamanic Presence

5EFM Functional-Elemental Spheres

    • Water – Adrenal / Neuroendocrine Sphere
    • Wood – Hepatic / Regulatory Sphere
    • Fire – Thyroid / Cardiometabolic Sphere
    • Earth – Glycemic / Core Nutritive Sphere
    • Metal – Boundary / Immune Sphere

5EFM Generating Axes

    • Neuroendocrine / Regulatory Axis
    • Regulatory / Cardiometabolic Axis
    • Cardiometabolic / Nutritive Axis
    • Glycemic  / Boundary Axis
    • Boundary / Neuroendocrine Axis

5EFM Regulating Axes

    • Neuroendocrine / Cardiometabolic Axis
    • Regulatory / Glycemic Axis
    • Cardiometabolic / Boundary Axis
    • Glycemic  / Neuroendocrine Axis
    • Boundary / Regulatory Axis

5EFM Suppressive Cycles

    • Neuroendocrine / Glycemic Suppressive Cycle
    • Regulatory / Boundary Suppressive Cycle
    • Cardiometabolic / Neuroendocrine Suppressive Cycle
    • Glycemic / Regulatory Suppressive Cycle
    • Immune / Cardiometabolic Suppressive Cycle

$3995 value


Sat Apr 9 – Sun Apr 10, 2022 – 8am – 5pm


Certification Module I – 5EFM Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Disorders, Hyperprolactinemia

  • Etiology, Pathology, Lab Testing, Diagnostic Methods
  • Dietary therapy
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Supplement selection and dosing
  • Acupuncture protocols
  • Meditation / Breathing Exercises
  • Clinical case studies.

$1995 value


Sat June 11 – Sun June 12, 2022 – 8am – 5pm


Certification Module II – 5EFM Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols for Insulin Resistance, PCOS, and Endometriosis

  • Etiology, Pathology, Lab Testing, Diagnostic Methods
  • Dietary therapy
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Supplement selection and dosing
  • Acupuncture protocols
  • Meditation / Breathing Exercises
  • Clinical case studies.

$1995 value


Sat Aug 20 – Sun Aug 21, 2022 – 8am – 5pm


Certification Module III – 5EFM Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols for Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Premature Ovarian Failure, Unexplained Infertility

  • Etiology, Pathology, Lab Testing, Diagnostic Methods
  • Dietary therapy
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Supplement selection and dosing
  • Acupuncture protocols
  • Meditation / Breathing Exercises
  • Clinical case studies.

$1995 value


Sat Oct 22 – Sun Oct 23, 2022 – 8am – 5pm


Certification Module IV – 5EFM Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols for Male Factor Infertility, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Uterine Fibroids

  • Etiology, Pathology, Lab Testing, Diagnostic Methods
  • Dietary therapy
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Supplement selection and dosing
  • Acupuncture protocols
  • Meditation / Breathing Exercises
  • Clinical case studies.

$1995 value

Total value = $11,975​


Once you officially join the fall 2020 cohort for our Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine Certification, you’ll also get access to these courses designed to give you a massively unfair advantage in growing your practice to where you want it to be both professionally and financially…

Chris' "Secret Alchemical Meditation Vault"

These are Chris’ secret meditations he’s used personally to hone his own mental and emotional focus and control and they are the SAME meditations he and his students use clinically with patients.

Each meditation is delivered as an audio track to be followed. Some are simple breathing exercises, others are visualizations. All of them are powerful “Qigongs” that develop skills of intentional energy transformation and cultivation.

$7500 value

5EFM Supplement Vault

A searchable index of the supplements we use in 5-Element Functional Medicine, classifying them so you can always find what you’re looking for based on a range of criteria

Not only incredibly useful in clinic but also an invaluable study tool the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else.

$1995 value

Core Confidence Code

Raw and unfiltered, this is an in-your-face, tough-love journey designed to break you out of low-vibration states that keep you from showing up as the most awesome, powerful, joyful version of you. 

Packed with not only motivational and inspirational words, but also practical visualization and meditation exercises, this is one of the most loved trainings inside Chris’ “War Room” practice management program.

$2300 value

NOTE: The following EXTRA bonuses expire after the priority registration deadline:

Autopilot Patient Attraction Secrets

This is Chris’ step-by-step blueprint for running SUCCESSFUL ads on Google and Facebook. 

In Chris’ clinics, there is never a worry as to whether new patients are coming or not. That’s because not only are patients constantly referring, they’ve been running ads on Google and Facebook for over a decade and those ads bring in 10-20 new patient inquiries EVERY SINGLE WEEK on autopilot.

You’re going to get the strategy from start to finish, with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up your own autopilot patient attraction system.

$3500 value

2019 Summit Recordings

Take a front-row seat at the annual event that (pre-corona) was the in-person intensive Chris hosted for his high-level “War Room” clients.

A combination of strategy and mindset around practice growth, marketing, and practice management with a healthy dose of community and camaraderie. You’ll find tons of gold nuggets throughout this amazing weekend intensive.

$995 value

Practice Growth Mindset Challenge

A fully sequenced and step-by-step process designed to help you uncover and then release the mental blocks that are keeping you from experiencing the kind of success and abundance you are capable of.

This challenge was pivotal for dozens of people who took it back in 2019, and you’ll have full access to all the recordings, exercises, and visualizations so you can start experiencing amplified growth on both personal and professional levels.

$995 value

That's over $17,000 in bonuses + $11,975 in clinical training with CEU/PDA included.

Total value: $28,975

Discounted Enrollment Fees

The fees for this life-changing, close-support, truly expert program that has already helped dozens of practitioners just like you not only grow their practices while dramatically increasing their impact and income in the process:

(For most practitioners, the fees quoted below represent an investment of roughly 2 patients per week – if you charge at least $75 per visit – to become a go-to expert in Functional Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine for the rest of your life – so you can help a lot more people and grow your practice with integrity and impact).

One-time payment of


Biggest savings. No additional payments.

(73% off)

2 payments of


Initial payment at enrollment, 2nd payment 90 days later

(70% off)

Down-payment of


+ 11 monthly payments of $650

(66% off)

We kindly ask that if you currently do not have access to or simply don’t want to invest these funds at this time… simply reply back to let us know you can’t do it right now. No worries we won’t take it personally and we’ll still be here to help you later. 🙂 

However, if you are ready, then you are invited to proceed with your interview, so we can go into more detail to ensure it’s a good fit and to help you MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION for yourself on whether or not to join our program.

We want to respect your time as well as ours.


If we do NOT hear back from you within the next 24 hours, we will cancel your session and assume your level of interest is insufficient to warrant a call.

With gratitude and appreciation for your time and for your service in the healing arts.

Chris Axelrad, M.S.O.M., L.Ac. – Founder and Creator of 5-Element Functional Medicine

The illustrious and oh-so-helpful "FAQs" (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have questions that aren't answered here, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]. 🙂

YES. We are set up with the following certifying bodies, and we will gladly apply with any requested certifying body (we cannot guarantee approval, but we’ll try):

  • Florida
  • California


Core Foundations I & II combined = 20 PDA / CEU + each weekend module = 14 PDA / CEU for a combined total of 20 + (4×14) = 76 PDA / CEU.

Due to ongoing concerns with the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided that for 2020-2021 we will do all courses ONLINE, via Zoom.

The best way to truly master this method is to put it into practice.  If you are consistent showing up for once weekly Clinical Rounds (via Zoom) where we work actual cases together, you will likely gain significant skill with minimal extra study.

Personal study time varies but a couple of focused hours a week to review recordings and read Chris’ materials should suffice to gain a significant grasp of the framework and process of 5EFM.

YES. We will have an exam at the end, however it will be a self-paced exam and you will do it on your own at home. You will be free to use the reference materials in completing the exam.

This is a certification program, meaning Chris is going to sign off on your expertise and promote you as one, as well as refer patients to you when the need arises (he already has one book generating a lot of interest from all over North America and there are a couple more in the pipeline).

Therefore, we expect you to attend live and be present for the training on the specified dates. 

Absolutely. We have THREE avenues for receiving mentorship and guidance both directly from Chris and senior practitioners and from the community at large:

Weekly Clinical Rounds  (attendance is required at least twice a month during the academic year you are in the program)

Conducted via video conference, these are in-depth case reviews where you get to submit cases for review and watch as Chris interactively works with other students to unpack and decipher root cause, then apply 5EFM therapeutics to the case.

When your case is scheduled for review, you will have the opportunity to be part of the dialogue and have any questions answered. 

These calls have become quite legendary, as together with students Chris has been able to solve very difficult cases and recommend very compact treatment plans that have led to major breakthroughs for patients.

In-Clinic Shadowing

A BONUS for certification students – Chris will set aside two shifts per month for 5EFM students to come to Houston and shadow him in clinic. A calendar to schedule your shadowing dates is provided inside the secure student portal.

Feedback from the dozens who have already shadowed has been consistently positive. You get to see firsthand both the clinical flow of Chris’ process, but also how the entire patient experience is structured in a way that inspires and motivates them to take their process seriously and follow clinical guidance set by the clinician.

This shadowing day alone is worth the price of the entire program, TBH. You’ll see why should you choose to take advantage of it.

Online Community

We have a closed Facebook group where students ask questions, share discoveries, and help each other gain clarity on cases as well as cross-refer to each other. You’ll love the “tribe” we’re assembling. It’s truly a group of like-minded and like-hearted practitioners looking to serve with integrity and lovingkindness.

Yes. You are required to submit 2 cases and complete the review of each in order to get your certification.

If for some reason you do not submit your cases or you do not complete the review of each case, you will still receive your CEU but you will not receive certification at the end of the year and will have to wait until the following year to get your certification (you will not have to retake the classes, but you will have to complete your case reviews before the end of the next academic year).

If, after 2 academic years, a student has not completed their required 2 case reviews, they will become ineligible for certification without re-registering for and re-taking the course.

You must attend at least 2 calls per month, however we strongly encourage you to attend as often as possible. These calls are roughly 1-2 hours in length (depending on how many cases are scheduled for review that day), and attending them regularly will lead to a siginificant acceleration in your progress as a clinician and clinic owner.

We have a list of books in the secure member portal. These books will serve to inform and guide but they are not manuals of the 5EFM system.

The 5EFM Clinical Manuals will be compiled and released sometime between 2021 and 2022.

We simply require that you are either:

  1. A license-holder in your state or province for the type of medical care you provide (i.e. acupuncturist, naturopath, MD, etc.) OR…
  2. You are a student in an accredited graduate program that will lead to attainment of a valid state-sanctioned license.

Exceptions MAY be made for special circumstances however these exceptions are at the sole discretion of the program directors and faculty.

Yes. You will receive access to a detailed reference guide outlining the exact supplements (including exact manufacturers) used in Chris’ clinic, along with general dosing guidelines.

On clinical rounds calls, you will become familiar with the supplement selections and dosing as applied to real-world cases as well.

Once you have paid the required fees, here’s what you receive:

  1. Attendance and participation in all trainings during the academic year you are enrolled, along with certificates noting the PDA/CEU you will earn.
  2. Access to all Clinical Rounds calls and recordings for the academic year you are enrolled.
  3. The rights to shadow Chris in clinic for one shift at his clinic(s) in Houston (this expires at the end of the academic year).
  4. Perpetual (“lifetime”) access to the recordings of the trainings you attended and any attached notes/resources.
  5. Perpetual (“lifetime”) access to all supporting materials provided as part of your certification training.
  6. Perpetual (“lifetime”) access to any bonus online training materials provided as part of your sign-up process.
  7. Access to the 5EFM study group on Facebook (or wherever it may be) for as long as you are a member of either an active certification cohort OR a member of the society of distinguished alumni (more on that later).

Other benefits may be added as we go along, so don’t be surprised if we over-deliver. 😉

5-Element Functional Medicine is about simplicity and clarity and there is no reason why you will not be able to begin implementing the strategies and processes right away.

The whole point of this program is to empower us to help more people in more powerful and effective ways.

So… you are not only allowed, you are ENCOURAGED to start implementing and using this as soon as possible in your clinic. 

We have a very active and engaged community in our private Facebook group. Just drop your question or concern in there and you’ll receive positive, helpful support every time.

At this time we do not have a scholarship program. It’s something we will definitely look at in the future.

Here is our cancellation policy. No exceptions can be made to this policy:

  1. You may request a a full refund, minus a $500 processing fee (people get paid to work for this company and they will have already done work to get things set up for you) as long as you do so prior to the start of the first class.
  2. Cancellations before the full curriculum is completed will be refunded at a pro-rated amount based on the total fee / remaining CEU hours. Total fee = the total of either the single payment or the sum of payments on your payment plan.
  3. Once you have started a module, you are no longer eligible for a refund on that module, and the CEU/PDA hours will not be counted in the pro-rated refund amount.

Here's What's Happening Inside Our Private Training Group

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