5-Element Functional Medicine Institute - Terms And Conditions Of Certification Program


Attendance at scheduled trainings is mandatory. Student must be on the video conference and visible on the screen for the duration of the training in order to receive credit for certification.

Of course, for minor breaks like restroom break or to refill water or attend to a minor detail at home, one may exit the frame for a no more than 7 minutes.

We will have scheduled breaks during the training as well.


By doing the training, you agree to release from all liability and forever hold harmless

Christopher Michael Axelrad of Houston, TX

Complete Clarity Consulting, LLC and all it’s employees, partners, and contractors

Axelrad Clinic, LLC and all its employees, contractors and partners.

You, the practitioner, are 100% responsible for the safety and care of your patients and at no time shall any responsibility be taken or assumed by any of the above named entities on your behalf.

Also, you are expected to operate within the scope of practice defined by your license. Because these statutes and rules vary from state to state and country to country, we are not able to be certain that everything we teach is a legal and sanctioned method in every state or country.

Therefore you must ensure your own compliance with local licensing and scope of practice regulations.

Certification and CEU

This certification does not convey any increased scope of practice over what the practitioner has obtained via government licensing bodies and entities.

This certification is only designed to demonstrate to the public that you have completed an extensive study program in the subject matter presented.

Additionally, being certified does not imply an endorsement from any of the above named entities, although we may implement channels via which prospective patients can find you if they are seeking help.

We have applied and received approval from the following entities at this time.

  • California Acupuncture Board
  • Florida Acupuncture Board

We may add others in the future. It is up to YOU to be sure you will receive credits that are valid for your specific needs.

Cancellation and Refunds

You may cancel and receive a full refund if you notify us within 24 hours of the first class in the certification cycle for which you registered.

If you choose to cancel once the first class has started, you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the price divided by the number of CEU hours you received.

We do not award partial CEU hours so if, for example, you attend only 2 hours of a 17 hour course, you will not be eligible for any prorated refund. You will forfeit the fee for that particular course.

However, we will still, in that case, refund you on a pro-rated basis for any course that has not yet begun. So, if the next 2 courses are a combined 30 hours, we will refund you for that pro-rated amount.

Cancellation requests and refund requests must be submitted, in writing, via email, to [email protected]


For further questions or clarification, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you.

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