The Certification Process

Training and Mentorship in Treating Key Problems In Today's Society

The training and certification process revolves around three key pillars:

  1. Core Fundamentals of 5-Element Functional Medicine
  2. Expertise in the diagnostic and therapeutic methods for distinct specialty areas (e.g. Endocrinology, Women’s Health, Fertility).
  3. Practical application solving real-world cases via weekly Clinical Rounds video classes led by Chris Axelrad, M.S.O.M., L.Ac., FABORM (the originator of 5EFM).

Steps In The Process

  1. Application – Submit the application along with CV / resume, copy of diploma or degree, and copy of current and active license along with the $195 application fee. Click to apply.
  2. Completed coursework – Completion of Core Foundations In 5-Element Functional Medicine Levels I, II & III, along with the required courses for your chosen Certification path of Endocrinology, Women’s Health, or Fertility.
  3. Clinical Rounds –  Attendance (via video conference) on the minimum required number of sessions, including submission of at least two cases for review. (Sessions are currently Monday mornings and last roughly 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number of cases submitted. We review at least one case but sometimes two or three.)
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